[Japan] ~ Okinawa in (more humid) the second time around

  Revisiting Naha’s streets of shops, food and beer take two – 08.19-21.16

Months after my birthday trip, I find myself again aimlessly walking around the streets of KOKUSAI – a lot of which spent getting lost in search of my guesthouse located in a place I’ve been in before. Different for this trip was visiting AHAREN BEACH IN TOKASHIKI and re-visiting and wading in FURUZAMAMI IN ZAMAMI. Last night then spent with more aimless walking, taking photos of izakayas I oddly now miss.

In this entry I first share my experience getting back to Naha from my home and a kick-off to a day back to its nearby islands.

This trip has an interesting history because it was a hassle and hurt on the pocket how I had to keep on rebooking my connecting flight in HongKong to Okinawa. My second in Okinawa for that year, luckily though on a totally different season.

Finally got to use that Peach Air ticket!

Maybe traumatized my booboo from my other Okinawa trip a few months ago that year, I was unreasonably early at the airport. 20160819_021456

This face because what to do when you’re this very early


Upon reaching HongKong airport, I had more waiting time in between flights that I had time to xiao long bao. 


Not a fan of dimsum except this which I call ‘soup dumplings’



This interesting art installation of bike wheels at the airport



She who reminded me of my much younger self


It was a short flight on my fun-colored airline. It reminded me of Cebu Pacific less the games on-board.


That cute tagline though




Fun purple, too! 


… and extra fun with beer


So everything was running smoothly until I found myself arriving in an unfamiliar place. For a while, I thought the airport I was just a few months ago was undergoing a major renovation. This posed an initial moment of panic because my familiarity with the airport is linked to my memory of the monorail which is to take me to the city center. It also did not help that I barely have yen with me and I could not find a currency exchange counter.

After a while though, I realized that since I came via a budget airline, I could just be in another part of the airport. It was some moment of observing fellow arriving passengers and some gut to board this shuttle I noticed them taking.


Unfamiliar arrival space



Where was the busier airport? 



Relieved we meet again


The minute I stepped out of the airport, I realized immediately the heat. It was as equally cloudy as on my first time there but the humidity was a first for me, not only in Okinawa, but also in Japan. Since I also arrived around late in the afternoon, I think it was what could be considered as “peak hours” that I had to squeeze myself and my backpack amid an also sweaty crowd on the monorail. It was uncomfortable then but an experience still worth having.

For this trip, I chose an accommodation I spotted on my first time there – a guesthouse with a bookstore/cafe on the first floor that was located right in the middle of shops in one of the streets near Kokusai. As I was in search of it then, I was initially confident that I could easily locate it. I ended up getting lost – big-time that it was about night when I finally found it. 20160819_193151

Spotted this popular restaurant in one of the alleys on my way to the guesthouse



Not my camera distorting but this furry friend was shaped uniquely


Once I settled in, I aimlessly rewalked the busy streets near Kokusai area.


Took this photo because at that time, PokemonGo was just starting to be a thing in Manila



Hmm didn’t bother to change clothes ;P



Hi again, Heiwadori



Almost bedtime



Went back to this coffee/beer shop I was last in from my previous trip



Entrance to my guesthouse



Maybe some sort of fortune-telling



Streetfood stalls present! 


After a good amount of walking, I randomly entered a place to grab beer as night-ender. 20160819_222417


Located near my guesthouse but name of restaurant/bar I was not able to get :/


Bye for now, Naha!

The following day was a jump to a nearby island called TOKASHIKI where I planned to stay for one night before hopping back to beach I promised myself I would again see at another time of year. 20160820_063250

Guesthouse’ homey place for breakfast



# shelfgoals



Common area in summary



Another reminder of my first discoveries within the city






Hope this black cat brings good luck


As in before, I was early at the port that most of the counters were still closed.







At the counter had this dilemma whether to book a one- or two-way ticket




Decent bento boxes



Ferry that took me to Tokashiki


More about my experience in the island of Tokashiki in my next entry!


Kristina Correa (or more known to almost all people in her life as Teng) is based on the city of Manila in the Philippines and whenever she can, cools off with routine and gets her doses of happy someplace else. She doesn’t mean to inform and help plan (as obvious with her laziness with details) but hopes her stories and photos can inspire you to create your own.

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