[Okinawa] ~ Finding Naha

 Repeat wander on Naha’s busiest streets  – 03.25-26.16

Spent my remaining day in the city (late afternoon after ZAMAMI day trip and half morning before my flight to Fukuoka) revisiting the areas of KOKUSAI and MITSUMIBASHI and in this entry I share with you my random discoveries on souvenirs, beer and food.

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[Okinawa] ~ Hours to and in Zamami Island

A lovely beach to self and cats  – 03.25.16

Having missed my scheduled trip to ZAMAMI ISLAND the day before due to bad weather, the following day I took my chance at a ride to the island. It was off the original plan of having the night to stay but I was still happy with this decision as I got myself an entire strip of beach with one of the best kind of blue. It was off-season for swimming so I just walked around with my coat on and played with cats who were approaching me as they were probably hungry.

I told myself I would come back and fortunately had the chance a few months after this trip – same spot but totally different vibe as that was summer.

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