Macau : Bungy Jumping from the World’s Highest

If you’ve always been curious, you just had to give in. – 08.23.16

It has always been my wish to be able to bungy jump. There were nights when I would just get lost watching bungy jump videos and wondering how it felt like.

Earlier this week, I stopped wondering and just did it – at the world’s highest commercial bungy jump even!

It was actually a side trip, having Hong Kong as my transit place from Okinawa to Manila. I arrived there in the evening and had next day until an late evening flight. I was working on a very tight schedule that while going to Macau to jump was an idea, I did not make the reservation until a day before the jump. Reservation via email was closed by then so I had to call. Luckily, there was still slot for 1:30PM the next day.

I like to be testy with myself sometimes that I dared to jump despite knowing that that day was ghost month (a time for extra precautions in the Chinese culture). I also deliberately chose 1:30 so it is the 13th. I know these may sound odd (or silly) to some but yes, I like to sprinkle some fun sometimes. (Well that, plus I needed time to go to Macau and some lead time for getting lost on the way to Macau Tower).

Given my slot, I had to be there by 1PM. I overestimated everything though that I ended up too early in Macau – which was good because I had time to go around Senado Square and Ruins of St Paul AND was also bad because I was in Macau Tower all nervous while waiting for my jump time. (Funny side story that I was thinking about eating and drinking but I could not do so because I was scared I might throw up while in the air).

It’s an experience that cannot be shared so I won’t go much into the details but will share some of the photos and video from here. (This one’s the edited one provided by the company) but there is a raw one from the GoPro on my right wrist. Will upload that some other time – for perspective).


Scared feet

Zoom in and you’ll see my scared toes :/



A screenshot from my GoPro after jumping from 233 meters up



Macau is an hour ferry ride away from Hong Kong. Take the MTR to Sheung Wan to take you to ferry terminal. Ferries run 24/7 – just with longer intervals in the unholy hours.

MACAU TOWER is accessible from the Macau Outside Harbour Ferry Terminal via Bus 32. Please prepare exact bus fare at HKD3.2 (Note that they accept HK currency in Macau but they can change in Macau money) (In my case, as I did a side trip to Senado Square, I rode the free shuttle to Grand Lisboa then walked to the square and ruins).

To go back, one can take Bus 23 or 32 to Grand Lisboa then transfer to Bus 3 bound to the ferry. Fare is at HKD 3.2 for each ride. (If you’re planning to go to other places in Macau, just ask the Information counter at the lobby. They have strips of paper on which buses to ride)

Two packages are available for the jump – difference for premium is HD video recordings and photos stored in a fun USB. Otherwise, package contains the experience (!), a shirt and a certificate which they email a day or two after the jump. One jump entitles one to significantly discounted next three jumps – lifetime!

Bungy jump in the tower is via AJ HACKETT. They offer other activities at the top like skywalk, skyjump and skyclimb. Check out AJ Hackett Macau ‘ s website for more details.

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