[Seoul] ~ Myeongdong Shopping and NANTA

Keep a map ready but find happiness in getting lost. Some places you find, some places you don’t. You’ll be surprised how amidst it all, you had a great day. – 03.22.13


20130327_180031-smallA few stations away from Anguk (where Bukchon Village is near) is Myeongdong – known as a mecca for shoppers. As for me, I planned to go there to buy a KPop item for a friend as well as watch this show Cookin’ NANTA which I was originally supposed to watch in Hongdae but due to some unforeseen circumstance had to be moved here.

I honestly could not remember whether I was there a few years back when I first went to Seoul but what I immediately noticed was the lively and busy feel of the place. It was simply a place where many of your senses are going to work – let your eyes feast on the many items being sold in many stores and stalls, listen to ‘sets you in a happy mood’ music from the stores themselves and  let your nose enjoy the smell of various street food.


Myeongdong on a Friday afternoon. (On my next post, I shall post a busier Myeongdong on a weekend).

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