Putting Some Sense of Order

I am trying to put some system into my entries across sites.

So — while this one shares detailed ones, I am opening my Instagram for otherwise yet real-time ones.  My account is private but will gladly add people who share love for going places.

Then my Tumblr is of photos I feel ‘representative’ of each trip, with link to detailed ones here.

And yes, while I still find drive to write detailed blogs, I am a victim myself of microblogs.

Samal Island in a Day, 07.05.15

Seeing many place – 07.05.15


Samal Island

A Sunday and my last day for that Davao trip (first days spent in the city and in Isla Reta) was spent at more accessible SAMAL ISLAND where on a hired “habal-habal” (motorcycle taxi), I hopped to see millions of blind-in-the-morning creatures at MONFORT BAT SANCTUARY, see some giant clams at TAKLOBO ISLAND IN BARANGAY ADECOR before joining families on a picnic at HAGIMIT FALLS. 

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Hops around City and Neighbor Islands in Davao (Isla Reta, Talicud)

 There is grateful in seeing Davao in city and beaches –  07.02-04.15


This trip to Davao filled with days of walking around the city looking for places to drink some beer followed by a weekend of passengers boats to get to islands of Talicud and Samal.

At Isla Reta in Talicud, I was surprised to be renting a tent that looks exactly my own and as usual spent most of time on water despite constant fear that its unpredictable (and rocky) bed could do harm.

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Fun with the Perfect Cone

For there are always surprisingly good surprises before goodbye.


This Albay city tour was not in Pop’s rough itinerary for this trip but since we felt we could squeeze in an activity before our 2PM trip back home, we decided it was a go for this one. First half of that day then spent at Five Views where there is view of peaks of the most famous Mayon Volcano as well as mountains of Malinao,  Masaraga, Iriga and Isarog, Lignon Hill where there is yet another view of Mayon as well as city of Legazpi, at postcard-famous Cagsawa Ruins then finally at its replica church in Daraga. 

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