I felt like writing today. Okay, I could not believe this has been almost a year since my last entry – a blank one at that. 

Life does get to you sometimes or how the statement YOLO is quite an overstatement. Or maybe time, to be precise, is as limited as it is; it makes you choose where to be – I would like to say ‘physically’ but I guess it’s also mentally, emotionally. Where you invest your time matters.

A part of me feels pain I have not had time to write here. This has been my way of feeling the slightest connection with a world of strangers who share my realm of happiness while making sure I do not forget. But maybe more importantly, a part of me understands why.  A part of me needed to be alone these past few months – this sort of quiet that doesn’t just involve the absence of noise.

I still go to work everyday while fighting for my bits of happiness in places, in people, in stories I may or may not forget. Nothing has changed.

Maybe I just need time to be quiet. Will be back when I can.

(Keep going places, yet know when to linger.)

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